Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wallace Stevens Never Wrote About A Green Guitar
And he never knew anything about a Paul Reed Smith. Trolling eBay i came upon this lovely piece of work: a 2007 513 in "Midori Green." That's in quotes because "midori" mean green so the color is called "green green." There are a couple of things about this beauty that stand out. First, I think the color is fantastic even though I've tended to favor figured maple tops over opaque finishes. Secondly, the 513 (five single-coil pickup grouped into a humbucking configurations at the neck and bridge locations and a single in between which yields 13 distinct tonal variations) is just an insanely versatile guitar. The lead guitarist on the "American Idol" band plays a 513 if you've watched and seen it. In fact, the particular version he plays is exactly the same as mine: Matteo blue flame maple finish with a Brazilian rosewood (AKA "crackwood") neck.
The listing I link to is one of the new models which has a mahogany neck which does change the sound somewhat - I'm told by my friend the Guitar Nazi who has an ear vastly superior to mine. But the mahogany-necked 513s are not quite as spendy as the crackwood versions so there's something to say for that. And some have even said they prefer the sound of the newer models.
I look at that Midori and get all gooey in the guitar love centers of my brain. And the BIN of $2,900 is really not bad. Also, there's a link embedded in the eBay listing to a uToob demonstration of the 513. It's worth following.
UPDATE: BY way of comparison, a Brazzy 513 is on the 'Bay for a bit shy of $5K. Since PRS is now only putting Brazilian rosewood necks on its Private Stock (i.e. custom-built) models, the price premium for crackwood is going to do nothing but go up. I'm glad I got mine fer sher, fer sher.

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