Friday, August 29, 2008

Let's Talk About
Chicks, man. (For those who don't watch, that's a call-out to E Channel's "The Soup" with the very funny Joel McHale as host.) Just a couple of notes on famous females, Hollywood division.
First, I've never been a particular fan of Katie Holmes, especially after married the poison dwarf. But Wizbang has a few shots of her as she appears on the ABC show "Eli Stone." Credit where it's due: the pixie bob haircut is just adorable. Well played, very well played.
In contradistinction, I've always rather liked Minnie Driver. I'm well aware of all the criticisms that can be made of her looks but to me she's quite attractive. Well, until now. Which is really strange because I've generally found pregnant women to be lovely. Minnie is not carrying well. That bellybutton looks like the pop-up timer on a Thanksgiving turkey. Poit! It's crowning!
It doesn't help that her attitude toward her male companion is that he's essentially a sperm donor. Play nice Minnie. Play nice.

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