Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Another Movie I Won't Be Seeing
George Clooney in "Men Who Smell Like Goats." Or some such. I don't care.

On the other hand, I now live in a properly red state (dammit Jim, I'm a
doctor commonwealth not a state!) again. Good news in bad times.

In other news, I put my Thanksgiving pies order (I give them to friends, don't assume!) in and had one of those sublime things for lunch: the Thanksgiving sandwich (roasted turkey breast, stuffing and cranberry sauce on sourdough bread) at my favorite bakery, the Little Apple Pastry Shop in Aldie, Va. If you visit, I'll take you to lunch there. Yes, really. One thing I'm going to have to try is the Thanksgiving pie: a "crust" of stuffing, turkey and veg filling with a mashed potato topping. Looks quite toothsome.
One more thing: One topping pizza. Really? Why bother.

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