Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Y'all Play Nice
I'm going hiatal on your monkey asses. Don't worry. I'm headed off for a brief sojourn in Le Pome Grande, Ooki-na Ringo as 'twere. So have fun. Just don't set the drapes on fire.
OK, you can set the drapes on fire but put it out before any real damage is done.
If you want some good reading, I added Coyote Blog to the blogroll. (inhaling deeply) good stuff man (letting out breath)

Oh yeah: I made a pilgrimage to Costco this evening. It was mixed bag if ever there was one. The bad consisted of first, finding that Costco carries, at a much lower price, the precise brand and package of yeast I just bought from Amazon even with the
free shipping. D'oh! (I'm thinking of making these.) And the other drawback was the bill. Oy! Double my usual and over half of that was in three items: One set of USDA Prime steaks, one set of USDA Choice steaks (compare and contrast) and Gillette "Fusion" razor cartridges. Holy cow them little knives is expensive. But the best damn shave I've ever had.
The good stuff, on the other hand was multifold. I found kimchi there, for the first time ever. Decent stuff too, made either by Koreans or in Korea. Either way, it's as it should be. Then, I got some smoked salmon spread. Which I had to try when I got home. Oh yeah. Smoked salmon. What's not to like about that. If I'd gotten crackers on this trip, I'd be jamming that stuff down my maw even now. OK, not really, but it is good. I restocked my favorite shampoo after letting my supply run down to one leetle hotel give-away I stashed against just such an emergency. Which is good because my stylist (yeah, I have a stylist, what's it to ya?) just gave me the treatment today. Damn I look cute. And I got some "Le Grande Creme" soft cheese. It is the ice cream of soft cheese - mild, not even a hint of the brie ammonia in the crust and as snowy white as a cone of soft serve. It would be effectively useless to cook with but as a snackin' cheese ... oooohhhh baby!

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Phillymon said...

Mmmmm... kimchi... and steak... and little knives to shave the excesss fat off the steaks... perfect!