Friday, November 27, 2009

Serendipity Woot!
My nice mail carrier brought me an unexpected envelope from Amazon today which contained some too, too cool items that Lycurgus culled from the vasty warehouses of the 'Zon. Having replaced my little cheapie LED light with a whiter, brighter name-branded Photon light, I ripped into the Mark Knopfler CD "Get Lucky." Hyeah. That's the stuff.
It's lyrical, elegiac in many ways and though his voice won't ever win awards for range, he knows precisely how to use it. Warm, intimate and as comfortable as the smoky peat taste of a neat Scotch. Though it's not really featured on the disc, his guitar wok is never short of superb. Which is not news to anyone who cares about music of course. Those who only know his work in Dire Straits probably won't thrill to this effort but trust me - buy this, wait for a cold winter evening where you curl up with a good novel and either a glass of the aforementioned Scotch (give me two fingers of The Glenlivet, please) or a pot of good black tea (milk tea for a winter's eve), put this on repeat and spend a couple of hours letting it pour all over you.
Knopfler is an international treasure.

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