Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Apple has released (unleashed? nah - released) updates to its MacBook Pro "line" (scare quotes because it consists of, essentially, two models). Being the still-proud owner of a Titanium G4 PowerBook, I am coming to the conclusion that we have reached a point where changes in laptop computer will be evolutionary rather than revolutionary. Absent some silly change in something nanotechnological or some new thing in battery power, I just don't think there's much that can be done to fundamentally change the laptop. Having said that, I really do have to give it up for Apple's design people with such things as the "MagSafe" power connector which will connect firmly but separate when stressed so your expensive machine will not be dragged off a table by a passer-by whose foot snags the power cable. And a backlit keyboard. Nice touch.
Even though we are in an evolutionary period in laptop design, I have to acknowledge that Apple really did foster two revolutions in the field. First the introduction of the original PowerBooks. As much as they had limitations, they were a brand new paradigm of laptop design. And then the introduction of the Titanium, thinline PowerBooks. Sleek, elegant, with slot loading optical drives and style that still holds to this day. Not a lot of industrial design can meet that standard. (I am of the opinion that my long-gone 1988 Mazda MX-6 is one of those things that still holds up. It doesn't look 'new' but it looks good if it's been well maintained. Like a Mustang from any year of the 60s.)
Also on the plus side, Skype has put out a Mac side update which says it has improved on Bluetooth issues. I wasn't able to get my Bluetooth headset to work properly with Skype in a previous incarnation so maybe this will be the ticket. As ever with technology - fingers crossed!

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