Wednesday, June 13, 2007

You Little BITCH!
And that's my reaction moderated by time. The fargin' rats got my ancho/poblano peppers over the weekend. Since then I have put out two more poison baits packs and today I go out to "accustom" them to the snap trap and the catch trap.
I even considered buying a pellet pistol and sitting out on my deck to put a dab of .177 lead into the ... I almost slipped into the profanity that I don't use on the blog. I hate those rat bastard bastard rats.
UPDATE: I also ordered an ultrasonic pest repeller from the good folks at Amazon. This one. I am skeptical but more than willing to try anything to cause even the slightest discomfort to these ... you know, the whole profanity thing.
The tomatoes are setting buds with great panache though. I like that.

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