Friday, June 15, 2007

A Paradigm For Algore
In my morning troll through the blogosphere, I see global warming is a (snicker, snicker) hot topic again. Neal Boortz has a good piece on Czech Republic president Vaclav Klaus doing a little "truth to power" thing with the threat to freedom that the GW alarmists are trying. And, of course, it made me think of Al Gore who is the engineer of this train to Idiotown. Who is "no controlling legal authority" Gore (the GoreBot, OwlGore, etc etc etc) now? And it hit me: He's the donkey in Shrek.
You'll have to imagine Eddie Murphy in full tilt saying this but I see the words coming out of Gore's big, square head. "Shrek! Shrek! We're all gonna DIE!" Then he covers his head with his front feet. ... Nothing happens ... Still nothing. Then he opens one eye and looks around. Everything is all right. "Well, OK then." He gets up and trots off to join Shrek and Princess Fiona who've continued to walk along ignoring the dumb ass the whole time.

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