Monday, June 04, 2007

What A Way To Start The Week
Sorry, no pictures of the Deck Farm™ yet but a brief report in lieu thereof: The poblano pepper plants arrived carrying blossoms. Well, now, a little more than a week after planting them, there are already peppers on the plants! Two peppers on the same plant and one is about an inch long, the other about half that but I am jazzed that I have pepperage actual after such a short period. And the Supersteak tomato plant has grown at least twice as tall and leafed out to maybe three times its size on arrival. I inspected the plants for buds forming and the Supersteak and Brandywine definitely have popped out buds. No flowers yet but I don't think it'll be that long before they set.
What else, what else... Ah yes. A stock I've owned since late 2004 has just today broken through the 100 point level. Another 11 points and I'll sell. If I could only triple my money on all my stocks, I'd be a happy boy.
Plus, tonight is the return of my hero Gordon Ramsay in the new season of "Hell's Kitchen." Over the weekend I watched some re-runs of the original season thereof and my admiration for Gordon is secure. No one does a cooking reality show like my fellow Scot. If you've never seen him on the cable-casted "Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares" (which I see on BBC America), you're missing a treat. He is at his irascible best there. Better even than on his own show "The F Word."
Finally, my next guitar is starting its journey toward me today. A Telecaster. I'll probably prefer my PRSi but I'm going to be delighted to add an icon to the set.

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