Monday, June 11, 2007

It was a foodie weekend. I so grotesquely over-indulged that I should be ashamed of myself. Yet I am strangely happy with all that I managed to tamp down my craw. First, Saturday night dinner at the Serbian Crown restaurant. (warning - link loads with music and a voiceover) A plate of their "Russian appetizers" consumed with a test tube (OK - not really - but that gives you an idea of the glass) of raspberry vodka, Chateaubriand for the main course, cooked exactly right and served with scalloped potaoes, a parmesan grilled tomato and cauliflower all perfectly delicious and that is coming from one who is not fond of tomatoes! A glass of cabernet sauvignon with the main course was just the right thing. And then a slice of Charlotte for dessert. Ah, and a glass of the peach vodka which is not as good as the raspberry unfortunately.
Then Sunday brunch at a secret location onto which the Enigmatic Misanthrope put me. Oh my dear Lord! It's not that I spend every Sunday seeking out brunch locations but I've been to a few in my dissipated life and I have never, ever had the brunch I had yesterday. Five different kinds of smoked salmon, smoked trout, gloriously big shrimp, duck, petite filet. I didn't even bother with the waffles, the omelet station or the carving station. Though I did take from the dessert table.
I admit to overeating this weekend but I offer a couple of things in my defense: First, the food I ate was glorious. Second, I can recall instances in my past where I ate much more than I did these last couple of days and the quality of that food was not even close to what I just had. And finally, in a highly unusual move, I ate nothing on Sunday after the brunch. In fact, I'm just starting to feel hungry enough to have lunch today. Can't even face breakfast.

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