Sunday, October 12, 2008

Small Changes
Altered the color and font of the title bar. Now I want to open up the left column (the blog posts) by about half again as much. But that involves changing the body width, changing the width of the background color column, changing the width of that oh-so thin blue box around the column and then changing the width of the text column. That's a lot of futzing. I'm not ready to hack on the main trunk of this blog's tree of life. Yet.
Too much inside baseball? Then how about this for an idea:
I use Verizon's FiOS service for my television connection. It allows a user to define a couple of sets of favorite channels. What I want is a mondo-cheapo printer connected to the set-top-box which will allow me to print a TV guide of only my favorite channels for a user-defined period. So I can ask for, say a 6 hour guide to my favorite channels for tonight. Of course there are limitations. Since programs are subject to change, the printouts might be limited to only a 24 hour period.
For me, this would save a lot of scrolling through guide channels.

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