Thursday, October 30, 2008

Why No Posting?
Nothing to say. Though God knows I don't live up to my ideal, I try to post when I have something interesting, enlightening or humorous. Hasn't been much of that lately. The only thing I've seen recently on the intarwebz which actually made me laugh is not something I'd post here. Too naughty.
UPDATE: Well, sickness has set in. I've managed to acquire some kind of stomach flu despite my studious attempt to avoid human contact. Then again, it may be a bout of food poisoning. Though my experience with that has been a rather violent onset and this seems to have been ramping up on me since this morning.
I'm crawling under a comforter and keeping the trash can nearby. At least I haven't had the dry heaves. I hate the dry heaves.


Paul McCubbin said...
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Anonymous said...

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