Thursday, October 02, 2008

Something So Good
I believe I have my projected recipe for "Barramundi en papillote:"
Two slices of lemon on the parchment paper
Barramundi fillet on top of those with a drizzle of sesame oil and a sushi ginger layer over the top (and some alongside)
a small clump of fresh cilantro
one small garlic clove, pressed
some soy sauce and chardonnay
then fill the packet with snow peas and carrot (slices & slivers)

About 12 minutes in a 400 degree oven (probably the toaster oven) and then opening the packet to expose the fish and broiling for just a couple of minutes to try to get a little color on the fish
I hope it's good. The idea of it just seems yummy as hail to me.

The other thing I wanted to add to the "something so good" idea is a starch - potatoes. I start with a nice waxy potato (I prefer Yukon Golds). I use my mandoline to schnitz the potato in to thin strings. Then fry with a preference of flavorful oil. I like a combination of olive oil and bacon grease just because the flavor is ... It's bacon dammit! Do I really have to say?
Do the salt and pepper thing of course. So far so good but at this point it's not much different than a morning serving of hash browns. What takes it into a whole 'nother level? I hit it up with Black Chinese vinegar. Just insanely good.

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