Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blogging break will be in effect for this dog. I feel like absolute crap - like a lack of caffeine headache that won't go away despite my having sucked down the usual ration of full caff coffee. I now have a pot of decaf from which I'll make iced coffee in the hopes that the placebo effect will kick in. And I suppose a big whack of NSADs tomorrow will be called for as well.
So, I'll be back on the blogging stick anon but not for a couple of days at least.
UPDATE: The placebo effect works. I had a lovely, lovely iced coffee fest last evening as i strolled through the latest batch of catalogs to arrive and I began to feel better even as i was sipping. And a decent, if not great, night's sleep didn't hurt. I may not be on the blogging stick much as I have much to do and must do t, not sit at the keyboard. But if I find something worth posting, I will.
OTOH, I hope the Enigmatic Misanthrope keeps finding those great, inspiring images!

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Gradual Dazzle said...

Boooo on headaches. Quite often, when I suffer from headaches, I can trace it back to interrupted sleep cycles. Get some shut-eye and drink plenty of water. Put your feet up.

[/jewish mother]