Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More On The Driving Thing
I mentioned below that I dealt with deer and an opossum on my night drive from Sharpsburg. What I neglected to mention was the insectoid life (and death) on the road. As I was dashing downhill on Route 67 toward the Potomac River crossing near Harper's Ferry, some kind of megabug exploded in a rather revolting mass of goo on my windshield. I don't know what kind of bug it was but it seemed like a ham grenade. No, at a hand grenade, a grenade made of ham - blooshrt! Srsly, Columbian cartels could use whatever type of bug that was for drug mules. Except for the number they would lose to random drive bys. I'd kind of like to know what it was, but then again, I'm kinda glad I don't.
Which reminds me - what do you call the jellied liquid that Spam is packed in? Spamniotic fluid.


Gradual Dazzle said...

Oh, gross. [shudder]

I actually like Spam, especially cut into chunks and cooked with pinto beans in a crockpot. It's a little salty just to eat, but it lends nice fatty and salty and pork-yness to a pot o' pottage.

Elisson said...

Spamniotic fluid! I am *so* stealing that.

Appropriately credited, of course.

BlogDog said...

There is honor in your appropriation, Elisson-san.
My karma is increased by your use of humble wordplay.