Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stuff Updates
My grinding attachment to the stand mixer arrived at my door yesterday. I am contemplating making ginger burgers and, what hadn't struck me before, I can grind my own pork for the dumplings! Talk about having control over one's ingredients. Presumably, I can grind all the ingredients together from the get-go. I only have to figure out what's the right pork to grind. ... That sounds vaguely obscene.
Other "stuff:" Amazon had a sale on kitchen things so I have a "French" rolling pin on its way to me. I plan to watch it surrender to various pastry recipes. (I kid! I kid!) And a richness of popcorn is on its way. "Gourmet popping corn" of course. I need to get coconut oil for the popping thereof. I'll not go into the reasons for popcorn specifics but believe me, real popcorn popped in a "Whirley-Pop" popper with high temperature oil makes a product that will make you never want to eat the microwave kind again.
I also ordered up a bunch of food coloring. A couple of reasons there. First, I want to make deviled eggs into hard boiled whites that have been colored through cracked shells as blog friend Gradual Dazzle has already done. Next, I want to make a "stained-glass" jello with coffee gelatin and chocolate gelatin for a "stained-glass" (not as much since the gels will not be translucent) mocha dessert.


Gradual Dazzle said...

Those funky eggs are so easy to do, it's almost embarrassing.

As for dumpling pork, my first inclination would be to grind up some picnic shoulder. It's got lots of yummy fat and stuff. But I'm rather partial to pork fat. :)

BlogDog said...

You 'n' me both! Thanks for the suggestion. I'll do that when I first set out to do so.