Monday, February 23, 2004

Another radio show I can't listen to
After Don Imus had the surgeon in to attach his lips to John Kerry's ass, I can't listen to his show any longer. Then this morning I hear Howard Stern go off on an idiot rant against George Bush. It seems that Howard is offended that CBS/Viacom has clamped down on the radio "talent" in the aftermath of the disgraceful Super Bowl show. This, it seems, is the President's fault. And I didn't make note of his exact language but he thought there was nothing wrong with the baring of Janet Jackson's breast.
I always thought Stern was pretty clued-in but obviously, *he* *just* *doesn't* *get it.* Context really does matter. I mean, I like breasts - they are a wonder of creation and bless women for sharing them with us guys, but they're not for show at the half-time of the Super Bowl where families are watching regular broadcast TV. Did I really have to explain that? Maybe so: Howard Dean doesn't understand it. He thought it wasn't anything different than people see on cable TV. Howie! *It's* *not* *cable!* Hmm, maybe it's a mental defect attendant to being named "Howard."
There was other idiocy on the Stern show with Gary describing Bush interim appointee Judge Pryor as someone (again, I didn't make note of the exact language) who 'reduced the sentence of a cross burner.' Gary, them just ain't the facts. (note to self - google up an explaining link)

Oh well. Two morning shows I can no longer listen to for the sake of avoiding sheer idiocy.

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