Tuesday, February 17, 2004

A musical note
I've begun putting some links up to some of my current favorites. It seems a waste of bandwidth to put up links to popular music, such music as everyone knows, so I'm trying to pull some quality stuff out of my collection which others might like.

Emm Gryner is a Canadian who suffers from the idiotic left-wing politics that pass for the norm in Canuckistan but her music is fantastic. I've called her a "whiny Canadian chick singer-songwriter" which sounds like a slam but I'd use the same description for Joni Mitchell so let's just say it's a backhanded compliment. It doesn't hurt that Emm is gorgeous. Petite, eyes that you could drown in, AmeriAsian (Philippine heritage) and a real musical talent.
Her "Asianblue" CD is stunning. If you've not listened to her music, buy this disc. I started with her lone major label effort "Public" after seeing her music video for the song "Julia" (which I can no longer find online). "Julia," which is on "Science Fair," the follow-up to "Public," is haunting with just a piano, a cello and Emm's ethereal voice. I won't pretend to understand her lyrics because she is, well, elliptical would be a way of putting it. Still, lines like "Julia leave the dark alone/Every day is better than the last/Julia leave the dark alone/Speak your mind 'cause this life's going fast" are wonderful. There are soundbites if you follow the link.

I've seen her twice at Club Iota in Arlington and both times she was fantastic. As I learn blogger, I'll scan in her set list from the second show (which I scooped up after asking if it would be OK) just for larfs. Her site has her tour schedule. If you have a chance - see her. No, buy a few of her discs (have you ever heard "Crazy Train" as a piano ballad? Fantastic!) first. Then I won't have to tell you to go see her.

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