Saturday, February 21, 2004

There's a pony in there somewhere
Keep a well-peeled eye on Haiti. The fecal storm is growing. It is however, amusing, if we might indulge ourselves by ignoring the human suffering, to see the French make noises about sending troops there. Hey Jacques! The Haitians beat Napoleon's troops. That was when the term "French military power" was not the punchline to a joke.
Not that the modern Haitians are any more advanced than the ex-slaves who overthrew their French masters all those years ago (Gratuitous! -ed) but consider all the great success the current French forces have had in their African adventurism. .... (sound of crickets) ....
And speaking of Africa, why was Apartheid in South Africa universally condemned when Mugabe's new race war on whites is not generating a ripple on the brows of the deeply concerned. Double standard anyone?

Not that I meant to go off on Africa - a continent that's circling the drain at its own casual pace.

Personally, I welcome Chirac's unilateral interventionism. As soon as the first French soldier's foot touches Haitian soil, I say the US government pulls all diplomatic representatives out, informs all Americans there that they remain at their own risk and ends all aid programs for the beggar nation. The French want it, they've got it. Bon chance.

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