Monday, February 16, 2004

Let the navel gaving continue...
Navel gazing as in circular posting. The product whose name I couldn't remember in my prior post is Zyrtec. A pharmaceutical with a name that belongs in an episode of really bad science fiction.
"Ah ha ha! I am Zyrtec the Conqueror and I come to enslave your planet!"

Maybe it strikes me that way because I'm reading one of the worst science fiction books ever written: "Genesis" by Poul Anderson. He passed away in 2001 and I'm tempted to guess that it was of embarrassment at having written such a turgid, bloated book. The prose is beyond purple. It's ultraviolet. Why, oh why would a respected author use the word "blent" where "blended" is the mot juste?
And the book won the John W. Campbell Memorial Award for best science fiction novel of the year! I remember reading Campbell in the pages of "Analog" magazine all those years ago in my misshapen youth (some mis-spent theirs, I mis-shaped mine). I don't think Cambell would have gone along with the selection. Ben Bova on the other hand....

That aside, follow the link to Daedalus Books. Really great folks who set out to provide readers with good books (I may not like "Genesis" but obviously others do) at amazingly low prices. You won't find everything you'd like to read there but you will find something you want to read there even if you didn't know you wanted to read it before you found it.

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