Sunday, February 15, 2004

Who whored the dogs out?
I certainly don't intend to make this blog all about the dogs but I may as well start with them since ... well, since I picked the blog name and I am the the BlogDog.
Advertising. I love advertising. I don't necessarily like ads but I love advertising. And I really like a little trend I see of late: little, off-beat breeds of dogs being used in ads. First, there was the pug in the Advair commericial. I wonder whose idea it was to feature a brachycephalic dog in ads for a human asthma drug? A bit on the insensitive side perhaps but pugs are wonderful little goobers so this blog must heartily endorse the genius behind that ad. See the pug.
Subsequently, I've seen an ad for ... here's where it breaks down ... some product that has to do with colds which has a woman taking her Boston Terrier to the dog park. The whole time she has her dog on leash she's coughing and sneezing and scaring the dog. When she gets to the dog park, she unhooks the leash and the dog just takes off like a shot, disappearing over a hill. She calls its name and it doesn't come back.
A bit off-putting to a dog lover but the pooch is adorable.
Finally, Nationwide insurance has an ad with a French Bulldog. A woman is checking her insurance info online and asking questions of a beautiful cream-colored Frenchie who grows increasingly restive until he (or she) pulls the internet connection. The woman looks at the dog and says, "Plug it back in."

Three ads, three little dogs of out-of-the-ordinary breeds, each one just as cute as all get out. This is a trend I endorse. Once I get the hang of this blogging thing, I will start putting links in for these dogs and these ads. If the ads have any online presence.

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