Sunday, March 07, 2004

The glossy and delectable IML8
I am indebted to the web for such things as horking up wonderful people on the barren shore of the desert island that is my life. (Boo hoo! Ed.) Here are links that I wouldn't have ever found had I not been sent them:
What did you want to know about tanukis? and here's a print I'm buying as soon as I stop spending absurd amounts of money on my new place. I think it will go nicely with my whimsical "sushi kitties" print that was a gift from another glossy and delectable one everso many years ago. When I ever get around to upgrading myself with blogger, I'll post a picture of the sushi kitties. Whimsical. Yeah. Whimsical.

Sorry for the lack of posting lately but between working more hours, watching that best of all televised sports (do I have to say?: college basketball), and dealing with my impending home purchase, I've had a bit of time suckage going on. Cheerio, wot wot! More blather in the near future.

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