Monday, March 15, 2004

I finally realized that I have gobs of crapola in and around my desk that I can throw out onto the internet, rather like a monkey flinging its own ... do I really mean to say ... yep, the more I think about the analogy, the more apt it seems.
Here's a shot at the Letterman-esque Top Ten List I hacked together some while back:

The Top Ten Swanson "Angry Man Dinners"

10. Broccoli and Quiche Quiche
9. Boiled T-Bone Steak
8. Lithuanian Bacon Sandwich
7. Tuna Salad on a Bed of Dolphin
6. Lentil Ka-Bobs
5. Tater Tot Helper
4. Ripped-Out Liver and Onions
3. Chicken-Fried Tofu
2. Spit Pea Soup
and the number one "Angry Man Dinner" is...
1. Beef Unwellington

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