Thursday, March 18, 2004

Mary Matalin on the PoW couch...
Perhaps I should start a regular "On The Couch" feature where I, with the benefit of my massive intellect, keen insight and razor-sharp analytical skills deconstruct the lives of prominent people. Let us now, however, praise prominent people for they are the cud of our ruminant lives. If we did not have "Entertainment Tonight," "People" magazine, "The Today Show" and "Meet The Press," we would have to invent them.

So I start on Mary Matalin. A friend, who shall go nameless save in the Book of Life, recently expressed puzzlement to me about why a staunch Republican like MM would ever marry some one like Carville. I believe there is a perfecftly understandable explanation.

I read, some time ago a Washington Post Magazine article about Lee Atwater which was printed after of his passing from a rather gruesome bout with cancer. Leaving aside his dying fear of God which made him turn on much of which he accomplished in his life, what struck me was the portrait of his aide Mary Matalin trying to monopolize his time and push his wife away. The conclusion I reached was simple: Matalin was in love with Atwater. Not just loved. Was in love with. And then he died.

Well, before too much time passed, there was Carville. Carville is nothing but Lee Atwater without cancer and dressed in a press-acceptable Demcratic garb. And for MM, it hardly mattered. Here he was again, Lee Atwater reborn in a bald-pated Cajun. Is there any question, then, why she would have married him? I don't think so.

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