Monday, December 13, 2004

Mannheim Steamroller After All
Despite the lack of response (self pity is so unattractive - Ed.), I went ahead and bid on Christmas In The Aire on eBay. The link is to Amazon since the Big A has more info. It's hard to pass up when the starting bid is $4.00 and with half an hour to go, I'm the only bidder. I may make an early visit to eBay my regular stop for my yearly addition to the Christmas music list.

Also, the newspaper insert "American Profile" magazine had an interesting article on Chip Davis who is the animus deus behind Mannheim Steamroller (which name, for the trivial minded, comes from the classical music term Mannheim crescendo). The most surprising thing is that he was also the man behind the music of CB-radio driven phenom C.W. McCall of "Convoy" fame. As the article says: "Davis' (sic) career began when he wrote advertising jingles for a bread company that starred a fictional truck driver named C.W. McCall."
I congratulate Mr. Davis for transcending his start in the business and producing something of lasting value. Good on you.

UPDATE: $4.00 - got it. As soon as I know the shipping, oh yes! It will be mine.

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