Wednesday, December 29, 2004

New Stuff
More housekeeping on PoW. Added "We Are Butter" to the "looks" section. Should have done that when I posted originally. Better late than never.
Power Line and Eject!Eject!Eject! added to the "links" section. Now that denBeste is no longer blogging (save for his dedicated anime site), there can be no doubt that the best essayist blogger in the b'sphere is Whittle.
And Josh Joplin added to the "listens" sections. Not terribly prolific, Joplin has produced one album that should be heard by everyone. You may not care for it but you should at least listen to "Useful Music" and then decide. Considering you can get it for under $10 on Amazon, it's well worth the risk of a sawbuck. What sold me on it was the song "Camera One." Great melodic hooks - you could hang meat on hooks like these - and an intelligent lyric. In my opinion. Of course. You're always welcome to my opinion.

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