Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I don't have offspring. I've been pretty convinced that I have no desire for offspring. Put aside the fact that I'm getting too aged and infirm to deal with the springing off of hemigenetic clones, the fact that I'm single and will not reproduce outside the honorable institution of wedlock, and the possiblity of my having a child is between slim and none with slim saddling up to leave town.
I don't think much of having children but every now and again I see what the point of it all is. Today's "Bleat" is that case in point. The tales of Gnat Lileks make my heart misty with small joys:
Eventually the car was ready and we walked hand in hand back to the garage. “This is the best day ever Daddy,” she said. I couldn’t argue. You never argue with that, no matter what else happens.
Bless you, child for your moment of pure grace and bless you her daddy for bringing that moment to me. If Jeebus gave me a solid guarantee that I could have such child as this, I would immediately work to ensure it happening.

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