Tuesday, December 07, 2004

November In the Rearview
It is with no small degree of sadness that I bid adieu to the Month of Atoosa. I posted a brief review of her wonderful "Night of the Deep Bloom" over on CD Baby. I'll be listening to it still but I'll move on to other music for the Decembral season.
Actually, I have nothing to put in the "longings" section for the moment, sad to say. I recently put two Alison Krauss and Union Station CDs on my Amazon wish list but, given the necessity of buying for others, I have no plans to buy music this month. So "longings' are unrequited this month. I'll see if I can't pull something interesting out of my bloggy doggy butt for the new year.
However, I have added a new link to the "listens" section. "Floor Creak" (clever) is Dave Shifflett's band which seems to have broken up. That's a pity because "Time Goes Rushing By" is a fantastic album. Not to everyone's taste I hasten to say but it still deserves at least as listen from any music aficionado. As Glenn Reynolds posted:
I'M CURRENTLY LISTENING TO A GREAT CD BY FLOOR CREAK, a band featuring Dave Shiflett, best known to most InstaPundit readers for his writing at National Review Online, but a hell of an acoustic guitar player, too. (Dave plays acoustic through a Fender Super Reverb, which is the secret to the Nebraska Guitar Militia's sound, too -- though the Super Reverb used by NGM usually has the tremolo controls set on "11"). Very nice stuff.
Posted by Glenn Reynolds at August 25, 2002 03:21 PM

I'll just add one thing. There is a song on this disc, "Rules of Goodbye," that is not good, not even very good. It is great. Classic of all time great. It is as perfect an expression of the lyrics (which I'm not going to quote because I want you to listen to the song) and there is a guitar riff that is just amazing.

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