Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Movie Dog At Home
I rented "Van Helsing." First, let me just say this - that Hugh Jackman is one pretty, pretty man. Now I can move on to drooling over Kate Beckinsale. The first time my jaw hit the floor about Ms. Beckinsale was the movie "Underworld." You will understand why I'm Movie Dog when I say that what made me, forced me to see that movie was the online trailer which rather seemed to feature her amazing backside in tight leather. Double you oh double you. In "Van Helsing" she is, if possible, even more heart-stopping than she was the year before. First, her hair is the most stunning foam of dark curls, though there is one scene where I couldn't help but wonder how a 19th century babe gets such perfect chestnut highlights. But that would be breaking the mood, wouldn't it?
It's not just hair. She is a flat out beautiful woman. Gorgeous face. Fabulous eyes. And she has one thing that just does it for me. It's what I call fat teeth. Her two front, upper incisors seem just noticably larger than they might be which leads to her upper lip being fuller, dare I say more sensuous. Pat Benatar has the same look. And yes she has a helluva body too. I read somewhere that there's a controversy about her having implants. It was alleged that in some movie it was part of her contract that she couldn't be filmed bent over at a 45 degree angle because the implants would visibly shift. Well, despite the vast amount of action involving her character, the scene where she dances with Dracula, I think, clearly shows that she does have implants.
Not that there's anything wrong with that.
So what's the bottom line on the movie? A very good action adventure flick. The CGI on several characters is too obvious but it's one of the things you just accept if you're going to be seeing a movie about vampires and werewolves. A nicely imagined script to tie all the slam-bang together. The motivations of the characters are believable. And that's as much as can be asked for action adventure. If you haven't seen it, definitely worth the rental.

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