Tuesday, December 21, 2004

You Like Jewelry?
They like the fact that you like jewelry.
About to be added to the "looks" section in these last few days before Christmas, a couple of websites for your perusal wherein lovely, sparkly things go for not much of your hard-earned cash. In the DC area, I present you Maria Wasowski's Let Yourself Glow. What do you find there? Let me steal the words:

Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, chokers and gift items made from Czech glass, Austrian crystal, Thai and Balinese silver, gemstones,pearls and many one-of-a-kind vintage beads.

Practical jewelry: ID tags, eyeglass leashes and watch bands.

Pretty. And pretty cool. I like the very concept of "practical jewelry."

And in a smilar vein but a different place, I give you Team Blonde. Though cyberspace is universal, I think the team works out of the Chicago area. Windy city. Brrr. Too much of that was going on around here in the last few days. But them there jewelery pitchers shore do look purdy! (Dialect again? Stop that. -

PoW wishes Maria and Team Blonde a wonderful, successful New Year and may this Christmas be your best ever.

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