Monday, December 26, 2005

Post Christmas
Oh lordy. I feel awful today. Christmas was wet and warm with a great wallowing gout of fog in the evening. And today has blown mightily leaving me under the weather. I won't go into detail but I feel pre-fluish achy all over with periods where I just don't feel I can get my temperature right. Enough clothing at one point turns into too much clothing after a while. If I had some Thera-Flu, I'd probably take it.
But I should not dwell on the negative. My earlier-mentioned gift was indeed a Tortuga Rum cake and its lifespan is now to be measured in minutes, possibly hours. I got iPod accessories from Lycurgus - just what I wanted. The Apple lanyard headphones for the Nano absolutely kicks buttocks. The best way I've ever worn an iPod. The Shuffle comes with a lanyard but it leaves the earbud cord a-swing. The lanyard headphone solves that problem. Also a skin for the Nano which I have been desiring. The Nano is wonderful but it can be hurt. Now mine is ruggedized.
I got some sweet guitar accessories from the friend who set me up with the gitbox. I now must spend a lot more time with it. Christmas was good to me. I hope it was to you too.
Now, I'm going to flop.

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