Sunday, December 11, 2005

Two Items
Both of these items deserve some long-form blogging but I'm fogged. I'm just not wrapping my head around anything these days. So I'll just post them as short items and hope the fog clears shortly and do the topics justice later.
•I've heard stories of Katie Couric being offered $20 million to put her dainty little pixy foot in Dan Rather's well-chewed shoes. How exactly is this distinguishable from the ridiculously high CEO compensations that the left is always howling about? Shouldn't a meat puppet news reader like Katie make no more than a single-digit multiple of the lowest paid production assistant on the news program?
•In the same vein, I saw (I think it was a segment of ABC's 20/20) a report on a movie being filmed in Russia. Why was it being filmed in Russia? Because it was cheaper. This is not new of course as movies have been filmed in Canada for years for precisely that reason. But isn't this just a Hollywood version of what Wal-Mart does? Isn't this just a form of outsourcing which the left has been (I'll say it again) howling about for years? Cheap foreign labor seems to be not so much a problem when the money flows to our liberal friends on the left coast.

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