Saturday, December 10, 2005

A Post Wherein I Solicit Suggestions
It has been the custom of my family to have a large Christmas brunch. This allowed for the kids to have their grand present opening without having to sit through a meal. Now, there was something to nosh, in a breakfast-y way, and coffee and juice but not a real breakfast. So by about the noon hour, when the under-tree area was denuded and the colorful drifts of wrapping paper had been collected and tossed, everyone is ready to have a real meal. And it would be quite a meal: grits, champagne, eggs, fried quail, Chistmas sweets all washed down with more coffee, good orange juice (or mimosas for those inclined). There were variations from year to year but these things stand out in memory. Then, as a gift to mom, there was a mass involvement in the clean-up (well, mostly) and any hunger through the rest of the day was dealt with on an ad hoc basis from the leftovers.
Really, a very civilized tradition.
Now, being bereft of parents and away from sibs, I ask the compact but pure-quality readership of PoW for suggestions as to what would be good edibles for me to prepare for my Christmas meal. Some things are a given: I will have a bottle of good champagne (don't laugh: Costco carries very good bubbly at the best prices), eggs (I love eggs), biscuits (I'm even going to build them from scratch), coffee, good orange juice. I'd like to have some apple cider on hand but if I have the OJ, I don't really need that. I could make the wild mushroom flans again but really, no. Not for just me. I'd like to have a spot of caviar as a real indulgence but again, just for me? I'm unconvinced.
What good brunch food is reasonable for a Christmas brunch for one? Calories, for this day, are no object. Quality is a necessity. I'd really like a breakfast meat of some sort but find the usuals to be too ... usual. Bacon - tasty but I hate the cooking spatter. Patty sausage - not after my food poisoning. Link sausage - possible. A ham steak - that actually sounds pretty good.

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