Friday, December 02, 2005

Today's Random Jotting
•Another great daily posting from Joe Sherlock at The View Through The Windshield. Not a surprise. He deserves your visit every weekday.
•Later today - my review of the dick flick "Stealth." There will be many, many spoilers.
•It's December in NoVa (well, everywhere, really) so the weather has finally decided to stop playing games. It's actually cold. November had some of the ugliest warm winter days I can recall. Humid, muggy actually. Left me feeling uncomfortable and ill. The honestly cold weather, even when it gets to the bone, is preferable.
•The Christmas card list gets put together today. If you're on it, you should see your card in about a week or so. (Stamps? not Christmas - flag, enh, I can live with that, postage scale? check.)
•Greatest invention for making Christmas shopping easy and an assurance that you're getting what the recipient wants? The Amazon wish list. Invented by Guiness scientists: Brilliant!
•Bon mots. Sometimes you get off just such a good line and it's so specific to the situation that you will never be able to use it again unless, of course you describe the situation and retell it. Which makes it vastly less funny. Nevertheless: I was visiting with friends in western Maryland recently. They mentioned seeing a deer take the fatal leap into a car and wondered what to do with the deer carcass. The first suggestion was to push into into the local creek where it would flow into the Potomac, then down river to Washington so it could make a political statement. I said, "What kind of political statement? The buck stops here?"

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