Friday, April 06, 2007

It's Been A While
I've been slack in posting guitar links as I've been having so much reading the forums over at Birds and Moons. The Internet is here for my enjoyment after all. What are you doing here? But my peripatations through eBay force me to link this beauty. A Private Stock Hollowbody II without piezo option done up in one of the PRS blues (I'm going to guess Royal Blue) with gold hardware and a stoptail bridge.
Private Stock PRSi are essentially one-offs though all are based on production models. Here's what PRS has to say about them:
The Private Stock program is best described as a “business inside a business.” The program allows you to spec out and personalize your own instrument from a skilled, respected, major guitar manufacturer. We work very closely with each order to make sure it can be the best instrument possible. The Private Stock team consists of a small crew of highly talented, seasoned guitar makers. The woods are carefully picked from our “Private Stash” and these extraordinary pieces of wood are some of the best instrument grade woods found on the planet. Each guitar is stained with a complex special technique to bring out the most figure and create a unprecedented three dimensionality. The instrument is carefully guided through each craftsman’s hands, and finally checked by Paul and myself to ensure the best instrument possible. Each instrument is signed by Paul and receives a Private Stock number along with a letter of authenticity describing the specifications and feature of that particular instrument.
What I particularly love about this one are the bird inlays: gold-trimmed lapis in a rosewood fretboard. Worthy of oohs and ahhs. If I had five large lying about, I'd be adding this beauty to the harem. I'd even consider selling my current HB II and transferring the name to the new one. And to repeat one bit of info, the HB II is marked by its use of 10 top grade flame maple on both the front and the back. The maple is joined by spruce sidewood. This one has amazing flame.
UPDATE: What I forgot to mention was the guitar case. It's a Modern Eagle (another PRS specialty) case evidenced by the eagle blazon on the inside of the top. It's suede. Very sweet.

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