Wednesday, April 18, 2007

More On Ads
This one's been around a while - the GEICO ad featuring Burt Bacharach. As the GEICO customer talks about her accident, Burt sings something like "I got hit in the rear." Then in reference to the woman thinking about the company's spokesreptile, he sings "Lizard licks his eyeball." And his final sung line is "Hope I never get hit in the rear again."
Burt, take my word for it. You keep singing like that and everybody who hears you is not going to believe you. In fact, listeners will probably be thinking that you'd enjoy getting "hit in the rear."
I'm just sayin.'
UPDATE: Here is a music video of the song GEICO used in one of its "Caveman" ads where the caveman sees a poster in an airport. The song is "Remind Me" by Royksopp. The music video is a different version than that used in the ad. I kind of prefer the one in the ad. But the visuals, a very "Sims"-like presentation, are great to watch.

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