Tuesday, April 24, 2007

You're All Invited Over For Coffee
I recently ordered a deck of coffee from the good folks at Boca Java. I like their coffee (and must resist the temptation to call them by their initials!) But I made a mistake on my order. I doubled it. I now have four pounds of delicious coffee (the "signature sampler") and many tins of chai latte. Come over to Chez BlogDog and we will drink coffee far into the warm spring evening. We can make iced coffee. We can sip iced chai lattes. Good conversation, tasty bevvies. Drop on by. Call first.
I almost forgot. Boca Java has its "Operation 3 Million Cup" which I bought into and urge you to consider as well. Boca Java will sell coffee at a discounted price which will be sent to our troops overseas. But they go one step further. They match donated coffee bag-for-bag. I am usually resistant to corporate charity as it's too often done on the backs of others. For example, some years ago I worked at an office that offered three options as a Christmas bonus: a certificate for a ham, a certificate for a turkey or the employee could give the value of the coupon to the company which would aggregate and give the total to (as I recall) the United Way. Pah-leeze! So the employee gives up a pittance and the company makes the charitable donation. But Boca Java actually makes a real donation even as they help buyers do something for our servicemen. I think that's great.
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