Saturday, April 07, 2007

Music Miscellany
I recently bought The Fratellis CD "Costello Music" after the good folks at Amazon made me an offer I couldn't refuse ($7.99 for the album and that put me over the minimum to get free shipping). Being a fan of their song "Flathead" which I bought from iTunes after hearing it on an iPod ad, I thought I'd like to get to know their music better. Good disc. I'll move it into the heavy rotation for the nonce, behind Jake's new disc of course. (links will put into this post later - I'm unmotivated to do so right now)
Which leads to a larger question. Where do you find new music? I don't mean generically, I mean where do you find new music? I've found my new favorites in various places: the iPod ad, listening to streaming radio online (Jake, notably), music videos on a local international television channel (Emm Gryner and a Japanese group called Anzen Chitai [Safety Zone]). I heard Al Petteway and Amy White by going to a Cooldog house concert. One of the other acts at Jake's Jammin Java show was certainly worth some following (Jesse Harper formerly with a group called Old School Freight Train).
So tell me, where do you find music or artists new to you? It used to be a radio thing. Now, not so much.

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