Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Intertubes Are Testing My Patience
Which is as sore as a gouty toe at the moment. Slow, slow, slow. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? My FiOs is running at about 1 Megabit instead of the 5 it should. Pages load with an error message though load actually when I click the "try again" button. Even Verizon's main page is grinding into what I hope is a load and that's taking donkey's years. Argh!
Is it just mine? Is anyone else having slowness issues? Is the heat making the Innerweb all lackadaisical and overcome with lassitude?
Me no likee.
But I'll upload a couple of pics from the Deck Farm™ just to pass the time. First, a "making of" the Erfbox.

And then a shot of the tomatoes, well, four of the six. The other two SuperSteak are to the left of the Erfbox. ... OK, Blogger is ignoring my request to post another picture. So I'll cut my losses and post this with the tomatoes pic (taken today) to follow. Argh and argh again.
UPDATE: Something was screwy in my computer. It hung on me and I re-booted. A hugely rare circumstance for the iMac I assure you. Thereupon things busted loose and now my 5Mb speeds are back in form. Yah-hah!

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