Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sidebar Changes
One addition and one alteration. I changed the link to Gates of Vienna to one for Gateway Pundit. I found that I was really no longer visiting Gates of Vienna and making Gateway Pundit a regular stop. I think I even did a post not too long ago saying that readers should click on over. Well, that holds true universally. A lot of good stuff is there everyday. It's how blogging should be done.
And I've added "The Smallest Minority" to which I went following a link from Billy Beck. TSM is one of those uncompromising, suffer-no-fools blogs that I'm glad Al Gore's Magic Tubes was invented to bring us. For example, it was there I saw that Bill Whittle has posted again. That alone is worth the price of admission. Whittle's posting has become rare and is just that much more precious for its rarity. Just go. Go to both. Read. You will be better informed and better citizens for it. Thank me later.

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