Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Name Of The Color is Bonni Pink
My love for Paul Reed Smith Guitars has been much bruited about, here on PoW. But I am stealing a pic from the "Birds and Moons" forum dedicated to all things PRS and ancillary considerations ("do 10s work better on a Swampy or should I use 9s?"). One of the big guns on the forum is a collector of the first water. He seems to have the resources and the inclination to vacuum up some of the truly amazing product that comes out of the Kent Island Magic Kingdom. I envy him his ability to get some guitars that are beyond belief. But he recently posted pictures (one of which I've stolen) of a new guitar that leaves me gap-jawed with amazement.

That is a Bonni Pink Hollowbody with quilt maple top, stoptail bridge, cream pickup rings, clear knobs (which manage to pick up the pink), red coral bird inlays and the piezo pickup option (which replicates the sound of an acoustic guitar though played through an amp), cream binding and, since the headstock (unshown) sports the eagle inlay of the "Modern Eagle" option, this should have a Brazilian rosewood (AKA "crackwood") neck.

This is simply one of the most beautiful guitars I have ever inclined a retina toward. I have always liked the color (named after Bonni Lloyd who was Paul's secretary) and this quilt takes it up insanely. The bound "f" holes are gorgeous and if it's in the same weight class as my Hollowbody, as light an electric guitar as you could find.

This guitar, or one as close to it as possible, would be a prime item in my "if I won the lottery" list. Tell me that's not gorgeous. Go on - I dare ya.

Here is a page of Bonni Pinks with a bit explanation of the genesis of the color. You can see that it's prone to fade over time and the fade is not particularly to my taste. But the original color is just killer.

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