Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Still Hurtin' For Certain & Many Apologies
My apologies for the lack of blogging lately but my musculo-skeletal system has just been running on the "outraged" setting for the last week or so. It's possible it may have something to do with the weather as I talked very recently with a diabetic friend (whose diabetes was only diagnosed in this year and who has such a multitude of health issues that I should really just STFU about my health in comparison) who told me that he, his fibromyalgic wife and their daughter (who is coming early into her genetic heritage, sadly) all had a horribly painful week last week. At least I think I'm coming out of it. I am typing and my left shoulder is not screaming at me. My "terror wrist" is not plaguing me and I've actually been able to get a couple of things done of late.
I'll follow my apologies for the lack of posting with apologies for the health whining. It just not ... attractive. I know. But it is explanatory. So I'll try to dial down the whine level and pump up the explanatory quotient. ... Try. I said "try."
You'll have noticed a lack of the weekend music embed. I was thinking of putting up Peter Gabriel's seminal stop-motion animated viddy for "Sledgehammer" from the superb "So" disc. But I am reluctant to do so since it's almost moved beyond "seminal" into "cliché." But unless I can dig up something more interesting, I may post it tomorrow anyway. And I'll apologize for an uninspired choice too.
On the asset side of the general ledger, I have the Deck Farm™ actually planted with only one of the "Zavory" peppers looking like it might not make it through. But I think it will. Pictures have not been taken - yet. This evening when I change the hummingbird feeder, I'll go all snap happy and post some results.
I watched, with friends, one of the audition episodes of "Last Comic Standing" and was somewhat nonplussed. Just not that funny. If these people are making a living from their "comedy," then the Enigmatic Misanthrope and I are in the wrong line of work. Put the two of us together, add a six pack and we could blow about 90% of the "comics" off the stage. And that's just working off the cuff. If we prepared some material, we'd have our own sitcom offer. Rather encouraging actually. I've pulled my scriptwriting and comedy writing books off the shelf and started on a nice long legal pad. I've posted the random joke to the blog but I'm going to try to make it pay for a change. Wish me luck.
All that said, I thank you who are patient enough to check back at PoW even in the hiatus of posting. I'll try to give you more reason to visit even as I sit and bitch to myself about myself.

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