Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Weekend Embed Continues
This week's viddy is a tribute to a passion shared by the Enigmatic Misanthrope and myself: Taffy Nivert Danoff, the distaff side of Bill and Taffy who have been adding to American popular music for the last 30 years or so. Writers of John Denver's big hit "Country Roads" and the animus deii of the unfairly maligned Starland Vocal Band. The EM and I, one late night many, many years ago went to the Cellar Door in old DC to see the SVB. And, because I had at least one nerve way back then, we got to meet and, over subsequent years, know the lovely and talented Taffy.
Before the show, my co-blogger told me that he was crushing on Taffy. I wasn't as familiar with her as he but I could understand such a crush (see "talented" above). And the band absolutely tore up that show in its intimate venue. Taffy absolutely destroyed the song "Maybe" and the harmonies the entire band put together on "Why Do Fools Fall In Love?" would make you forget not only the Diana Ross version but Frankie Lymon's original as well. And, in a masterstroke of luck for us at the end of one of the songs, Taffy said to the crowd, "I never know where to look when the song is over." So I pipe up with "Look at him!" indicating the EM. She did and there was a short exchange of pleasantries which ultimately resulted in our being invited to the green room after the show to briefly hang with the band. Nicer folks could not exist in the music biz.
My subsequent interaction with the then-divorced Miss Nivert came years later when I was in the banking industry and she opened an account in my branch. The EM, however, has maintained a friendship with her for years. I'm jealous. So, in honor of the superb talent and song-writing skills of Bill and Taffy, I embed "Flying Home to Nashville" from 1973. The first line is pure genius.

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