Thursday, July 17, 2008

Why Achewood Rules
Two "rules" in succession? Yep. I'll speak slowly so's you get it: They rule in different realms. No overlap. (whap) Are we clear? Good.
Today's strip, the aftermath of the nuptials of Roast Beef and Molly, contains two more of Chris Onstad's world-class uses of the language: "You put some damn food on that plate or I'M gonna industrialize me up some slaughter of life you candy-ass word-style hero." And "No man I'm just sayin' years from now me all crawlin' around blind on the linoleum with some eighty dollar tube hangin' outta my Johnson / My lady all dead six days in the bathtub and the guy from the county comes in and checks the Yes box after Is It A Shame."
Please click through for context. Personally, I identify with Roast Beef. Apart from the marrying my returned-from-dead-in-heaven girlfriend thing.

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