Thursday, July 17, 2008

Why Joss Whedon Rules
OK. I didn't watch "Buffy The Vampire Slayer." But I started watching the "Angel" spinoff (featuring the ever delectable Charisma Carpenter - link goes to Google image search including decidedly NSFW content). It was surprisingly well done with consideration given to good and bad, right and wrong that went beyond the simple dichotomy. And cracking dialog. Then I came late to the game to "Firefly" and not so late to the game for "Serenity." There's no secret how good those efforts are. And cracking dialog.
But Mr. Whedon has done one more thing that simply must be noted: "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog." I'm laughing still and the last act won't go online until Saturday. Neil Patrick Harris is the evil Dr. Horrible, a man in love. And Nathan Fillion (Captain Mal in the Serenity universe) is the heroic hero. Or is he? Hmmm. Felicia Day is the leading lady. I haven't noticed her before (I looked at her IMDB listing and haven't really watched anything she's been in). But she was in "Buffy" so it's no surprise Whedon used her. She's a very attractive redhead very much in the Alison Hannigan mold. I'm starting to think Whedon has "a type."
None of the cast of "Dr. Horrible" should be particularly noted for his or her singing but then again, they can all at least carry a tune. Better to listen to the songs for the wit in the lyrics and the intelligence of the production. The "acts" are about 13 minutes long so it won't take time out of your busy schedule. Give it an eye and a ear sometime you have a few minutes. You shouldn't be disappointed.
Why does, as my post title has it, Joss Whedon rule? Because no one else in creation could possibly do something like this and have it be any good at all. Only Whedon could take this beyond the realm of crappy uToob viddy done in some shmuck's basement.

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