Friday, February 06, 2009

New Music
Emm Gryner's new disc "Goddess" arrived in the mail this week and I've been playing as obsessively as an slobbering fanboi would. I really want to say that "she goes from strength to strength" but her last CD "The Summer of High Hopes" was simply epically great, magnificent, a freaking marvel. This one is "only" damn good. How talented is this woman who has never put out a bad set of music and has three (out of ten) discs that are ... words fail me. I have to go back to epically great: "Public," "Asian Blue" and "Summer of High Hopes." Add in two discs of cover versions ("Girl Versions" of rock songs that have never been covered in such innovative ways and "Songs of Love and Death" of Irish music) which are superb and superbly interesting and half her entire body of work right there is ... amazing.
Aw hell, I could go on and on but I just wanted to get a quick post up on the fact that I have the new music and it's great. I'd put it on a par with her "The Great Lakes" and "Dead Relatives" which stand just behind the three epically great discs.
I strongly urge anyone who likes real music - melodic, well-played, well-sung to avail themselves of her work.

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Kevin said...

Gotta say I appreciate your love of Emm's music. As a fellow fan, I'd have to add Science Fair to an extremely well deserved top 4. Since her music has moved to a bit more pop/rock it's almost as if the classics from Science Fair get left behind a bit.

I'm actually importing Dead Relatives into iTunes right now... but can't find a digital copy of the artwork! (I have it, but don't have a scanner...)