Sunday, July 12, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy
Some kitchen time has been warranted this weekend. First, peaches from my favoritest local orchard are back on tap which means this evening I will be making white peach sorbet. I have in the past made ginger white peach sorbet and if I have enough to make two batches (possible - I cleaned out all the "seconds" on the white peaches at the stand), I'll definitely make one with ginger. In fact, I'll try using my freeze-dried ginger to see if I can finesse that ingredient.
And in lesser kitchen time of note, I have a container of plain yogurt sitting in a strainer lined with a coffee filter to get a nice, thick version of the usually soupy stuff. I also have a box of blueberries in the fridge. This may combine to be made into blueberry frozen yogurt. But I need to do a little research first.
Finally, I made sweet ginger butter which consists of one stick of butter mashed together with t Tbsp of ginger spread, one Tbsp of honey 9tupelo in my case) and a generous dash of salt. I may have been a leetle heavy handed with the salt. But it shouldn't do much harm to the final product. I envision using it on steaks on the grill. Ginger, butter and sweetness - really could that do a steak any harm at all?

UPDATE: The yogurt experiment was interesting. From probably about three quarters of one of those 32 oz. containers of yogurt, I strained out over a full cup of whey. And I totally dig the sour-creamy texture of the resultant yogurt. I ended up having the blueberries stirred into the thickened yogurt with a sprink of Splenda for breakfast. The frozen yogurt will have to wait.


XMBD said...

Reminds me of my favorite flavor name you made up for Bill's light-on-the-peach ice cream:

"Don't you think it might be peach?"

BlogDog said...

I remain hubristically proud of that name.