Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I delayed a day too long with the white peaches and the amount I ended up with was not worth processing. Add in that they were not the best white peaches, not perfumed with the peculiar sent and flavor of the pale peche. So I've eaten them as is. But I may be able to make the sorbet with the yellow peaches which went into the fridge almost immediately.
If I pull that together, it's definitely getting the ginger treatment.

ADDENDUM:That yogurt thing, it's called yogurt cheese. I didn't know it had a name. And, naturally, there's a specific kitchen gadget to make it, the (you see this coming, don't you?) yogurt cheese maker. Only $18 at Amazon! Tcha! I can do that with a bowl, a strainer and a coffee filter. What surprised me is that it's said to make one cup of 'cheese' out of 3 cups of yogurt. I'm going to have to get another full container of the yohg to test this. And the cheese is pretty great stuff. I'm going to try it as a mayo substitute.

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