Saturday, September 26, 2009

In Brief
Spent all Friday on Kent Island at this year's first day of the Paul Reed Smith "Experience." I'm hurting in the joints today for the walking around and with the rain today, I didn't think it worth going again today as the Guitar Nazi and I hit all the highlights. By pure accident I wore a shirt that was the same color as those worn by the event staff. I did not try to skeeve my way into anything on that basis. I'm better than that.
I have to mention one of the staff though. There was a young lady taking pictures for PRS and she had the most incredible smile I've seen in quite a while. Absolutely dazzling. She was on the wrong side of the camera.
UPDATE: Reuters wrote an article about the Experience.

The Yuman Beings were here for a couple of days, leaving this morning, on their way to their new lives in Wilmington, Delaware. There's something about having house guests who not only take care of themselves, but did a bunch of things I needed done while I was away. And they crept away in the early morning today without making even enough noise for me to know they were awake! That's some kinda sneakin, I tell ya what.

And lastly, I found something I hadn't had at Costco the other day: white nectarines. Absolutely delicious. Smooth skinned, with the taste of white peaches but sweeter. I'm going to get some more and see what I get out of sorbet-ing them. Could be a winner.

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