Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Oh Bother!
First, I owe my co-blogger a note of contrition as the Geelong Cats took the Grand Final from St. Kilda and blew right through Collingwood to get there. (mumble, mumble, you sunuva, mumble)
Secondly, I caught a little of the new season on TV last night which led me to think about Julianna Margulies who is starring in a show called "The Good Wife." (capsule review: Elliot Spitzer, phone home) I am nonplussed. Everything about her should be right in my personal hotness assessment: exotic eyes, raven tresses and yet she just makes me shudder. There's something predatory and vulpine about her that turns me away. It may be from my first exposure to her as the PITA nurse on "ER." So even with the great Chris Noth starring, I'm not going to watch that one.
Don't even ask about "NCIS: Los Angeles." Alphabet police set up shop in SoCal. Actually, I may have to do a deconstruction of that one, with a gratuitous reference to the lab geek chick on the original since the Enigmatic Misanthrope has the steamin' undies for her.

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Enigmatic Misanthrope said...

Got's ta love me some Pauley Perrette